Published in Morrisville Times 
November 16,2007 Volume 13 Number 9.

Make Life Changes:  Create a Life Filled with Bright Possibilities

by June Portnoy
            Are you unhappy with your life?  Do you wake up in the morning asking yourself, “Is this all there to my life?  Am I going to be doing this same thing every day for the rest of my life?” 

            Chances are, if you’re a women in your late 40s to 60s, you’ve spent your entire life taking care of other people and now that your children are grown and out of the house, you don’t know what to do with yourself anymore.  In many cases, you’ve lost your passion for life.

           Fortunately for you, Diana Vento established Make Life Changes in Morrisville to help give you the courage to live a happy, fulfilling life.    

            “People become overwhelmed and frustrated and want to get more out of life, but they tend to stay in their comfort zones,” says Diana. “What happens to us molds us.  We cover the real us and we forget where the real me is.  I help people uncover themselves and reconnect with themselves.”

Diana has developed the “IDEA Technique” to help people take charge of their lives.  This involves:  identifying what they want and what their purpose is; making a decision, a commitment to their goal; building up their enthusiasm, which is their passion; and finally taking action.

Diana combines hypnosis, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), life coaching and The Sedona Method to help people make life changes and thrive. 

Hypnosis takes away the conscious mind and puts it on the side to let the subconscious drive you. That’s where Diana puts suggestions that ultimately enter the conscious mind.  Diana also custom creates self-hypnosis tapes for each of her clients.

Diana uses NLP to listen to her clients’ language patterns.  If they are constantly saying, “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t” it shows that they are not taking ownership of their lives.  Diana can help people change their language patterns so they will feel more empowered.

According to Diana, life coaching is about being in the present.  This is the method that gives people the tools they need to put their goals into action.  “I will be your coach and help you find your goals,” says Diana. “I will also help you tap into your answers and guide you to find them.  We all know our own truths, but sometimes we need someone to lead us to them.”

Diana uses the Sedona Method to help her clients let go of their undesirable emotions, ranging from stress to anger and fear.  According to Diana, this is a simple, yet powerful method. 

“My clients really do achieve their goals,” says Diana.  “I help them learn the tools they need to succeed and make life changes.”

Diana is a certified hypnotherapist, a certified life coach and is certified in teaching self-hypnosis.  She has also her master’s degree in NLP.  She spent the past 25 years applying her skills as a life coach in the corporate world.

How would you like to wake up today and start living a new life tomorrow?  If so, contact Make Life Changes now! 

Call 267-566-9177 or visit www.makelifechanges.com.  Also, visit this website to find out when Diana’s next teleseminar on building confidence will take place.


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